Thank you for attending the Car-Jacking/ Anti-Abduction & Improvised Weapons SEMINAR!!!

To say this past weekend was amazing, would be a massive understatement! From the people coming from all over the country, (California, Wisconsin, Maryland, New Jersey, Boston, Ohio, and right here in Michigan), to having so many amazing instructors on hand to help during the weekend sharing their knowledge and insight. Then having the lead instructor Jeff Mount, sharing wealth of knowledge, life experiences, and many years of teaching this and other self defense tactics, was the cherry on top.
We cannot thank you all enough for being a part of this fantastic event. The pictures here just show the afterglow and smiles of people who spent 14+ hours punching, kicking, being hooded, hands bound and moved around all in the name of making them safer. (There will be more pictures forthcoming.)
Thank you all for making this weekend a HUGE success.