Krav Maga Is Not a Martial Art

Advantages of Krav Maga

Why Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is the most effective and efficient self defense method in the world.

It focuses on counterattacking simultaneously as you address the immediate danger or as quickly as possible.  We attack the vulnerable targets with overwhelming aggression.  We train to turn the tides on the attacker as quickly as possible.

Training drills are designed to teach you to tap into the mindset of aggression and violence.  Because sometimes violence IS the answer, especially in a self defense situation.   These drills will also help you attain a higher level of fitness, endurance, and fighting mindset.

Maximum effectiveness and efficiency in order to neutralize the attacker as quickly as possible.

Students learn to defend against all types of attacks from basic chokes, bearhugs, mounted attacks, weapons defenses and more.

Developing an awareness of the surroundings while dealing with the threat, look for escape routes or other attackers or objects/weapons to defend or help attack.

Training helps students understand the psychology of a street confrontation, and identify potential threats before an attack occurs.

We are not training for a competition trying to score points or win rounds, we are training to defend ourselves from an attack. 

We are training so that if the worst case scenario occurs you can go home safely to your family.

Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art – in fact, we don’t use the term “martial art” at all.

Traditional martial arts tend to be rigid, dogmatic, and focused on maintaining traditions handed down from past masters. In addition, depending on the art, there is an emphasis on elegance of movement and minutia of detail. Krav Maga tries to avoid all these things. The majority of martial arts systems also tend to become trapped in a sports-oriented mentality, establishing rules that limit the fighters. Even mixed martial arts fighters, many of whom are our friends and whom we respect immensely, fight in a controlled environment with restrictions on what they can and cannot do.

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