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Private Training

Private Lessons

Self-defense and personal safety is a priority in all areas of life.  So you want learn some valuable
skills that could help you going home safe?

Here is your chance for 1 on 1 training. Whether you work as a real estate agent, teacher, late night
manager or other professional; here opportunity to train with our chief instructor and owner.

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Group Events

What if “team building” events could bring your employees together AND literally save their lives?

What if they could have fun AND learn techniques to keep themselves, their co-workers, and their families safer?

These are the kind of win-win team building events that we put on.

Fun, safe, useful, interactive, and educational in a way that no other event can do.

These events could be anything from a Girls Night out, Bachelorette party, athletic team building,
workplace team, family fun night, etc. We will cover the mental, emotional and physical aspect of
self defense.

Ready to build a stronger team?

Corporate Training

Most people spend more time at work than anywhere else. Our Corporate Training gives you and
your group the tools needed to address a variety of safety concerns.

From active shooters to women’s-only training, workplace violence, and more, we offer a wide range of Corporate Training options that are adjustable to fit your group’s size and situation.

We can train at your facility or ours.

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