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Krav Kickboxing

Krav Kickboxing is an excellent workout with a mix of punching and kicking combinations, bodyweight work, and more. This class will get your heart pumping and give you an opportunity to work on the strikes you have learned in class.  Not only do you get to punch and kick the heavy bag, you get to do it with all the power and intensity you have.  What better way to alleviate some stress and get an amazing workout in.   Also, did I mention the wide variety of exercises the instructors can and will have you do to take your workout to the next level?  Add in the sandbags, medicine balls, hand weights and more to take your workout to the next level.

Well you are ready to kick and punch your way into better shape??

Combat Conditioning

Combat Conditioning is going to help prepare your mind and body to outlast your attacker.  We are going to push you to work as hard as you can for as long as possible. This class is about building endurance and stamina. This is all about preparing you to be able to push longer and harder, so that it doesn’t matter how long an attack may last … your body and your mind will not stop until you are done.

Are you ready for combat???

Focus Mitt

Focus Mitt class is the perfect way to work your striking and footwork at the same time.  You will be partnered up and work your striking combinations.  Punches, kicks, knees and elbows, you’ll work them all in combinations that start off basic and grow and lengthen in strikes and movement.  You will come to learn how important footwork will mean to your striking.   Focus Mitt will focus on all this and more. 

The hidden aspect to Focus Mitt is that as you are the pad holder for your partner your brain is learning how the body movements correspond with someone trying to strike you.  So even as the pad holder you are learning and gaining more awareness.  This class is based on striking but don’t get me wrong it is an amazing cardio workout that once again will help you in the case you ever need to defend yourself. 

So are you ready to increase your focus and striking skills???

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