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Fight Class

Fight classes are for all our Krav Maga students to practice their striking and defensive techniques in a safe environment. We are not a mma gym trying to find the next world champion.  We are here to make everyone a better and a more effective fighter.  

We work on all areas of the fight: attacks, defenses, movement, vision, tactics etc.. Classes will include standup sparring as well as fighting on the ground, as well as anywhere in between including take downs and sweeps.  We are focused on making everyone a well-rounded fighter. So it won’t matter what situation you may find yourself in, you will be able to fight off the attack and get home safe.

We train with the mindset that it is never a one on one fight.  So that means you need to always be prepared for a secondary or even third attacker or more.  We even have drills that put you in situations needing to fight off multiple attackers.0

All experience levels are welcome in this class. However, it is important to be ready. We train in a safe and controlled environment with the emphasis on making everyone ready if the worst-case scenario happens.

Weapons Class

Krav Maga Worldwide is world renowned for our weapons defenses.  

They are used in military and law enforcement agencies all over the world.

We teach simple, instinctive, and effective self-defense strategies — training here could save your life.

Weapons class at Krav Maga Wolfpack is also available to all Krav Maga students. These classes focus on all defenses against armed attacks. Stick attacks, edged-weapon threats and attacks, handgun and long gun are all addressed in a hands-on format.

If danger strikes, be prepared. Join us for weapons classes that will give you the skills necessary to react to an armed attacker. 

Combine Your Skills

During our fight class you will occasionally see some weapons integrate into the fight. 

Picture this: You are attacked, you start fighting back and you start winning.  This is because of your training with us. But what if the attacker now pulls a weapon of some sort? It could be anything: edged weapon, blunt object or they pick up a stick, bar, etc. You will have to switch gears and be able to defend against those weapon attacks. We combine fight class and weapons for this exact reason.


We are here to give you the knowledge and information to stay safe and to get home back to your family!!!

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