Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Create the Advantage

Now more than ever it is a very realistic possibility that when you end up on the ground in a fight for your life & your attacker may have some kind of ground fighting experience. That makes training how to defend yourself on the ground a necessity. There are advantages to fighting on the ground and that is where Jiu Jitsu shines.

Control Your Fear

Fighting someone with such experience can be terrifying and overwhelming, but at Wolfpack BJJ we train as a pack. We will help you be comfortable in the uncomfortable, learn to control your fear and discover ways to utilize your entire body no matter what position you find yourself in.

Train with The Pack

Classes focus on discovering and building life saving skills in a safe and fun atmosphere of cooperation and partnership. You will learn to use leverage, angles, pressure and timing, with an awareness of anatomy and body mechanics to protect and save yourself. A wolf pack is safer and stronger than any single wolf and in WolfPack BJJ classes we get better and stronger together.

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